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Kindle Surveying, Inc.

Contact Person: Michael Kindle
Address: 7844 Madison Avenue #108
City: Fair Oaks
State: CA
Postcode: 95628
Phone: (916) 966-5500
Fax: (916) 966-5503
Website: http://www.kindlesurveying.com
Kindle Surveying, Inc. is located in Fair Oaks, CA and offers professionally licensed land surveying and mapping services to the private and government sectors for residential and commercial development and improvement projects. Our professional services include property line surveys, topographic surveys for architectural design, engineering design and drainage studies, writing legal descriptions for easements and property and survey construction staking. Our products include Subdivision Final Maps, Parcel Maps, Records of Survey, Topographic Maps, ALTA Maps, Exhibit Maps, Grant Deeds and survey construction site layout.
Located in: Land Surveying